Before booking a scan, please read the section 'Important Information'.

If you proceed with booking an appointment it is assumed you have read this information and are happy to comply with the protocols outlined.


Bea Baby Scans is not a diagnostic medical service, although scans are performed by fully trained hospital Sonographers, the scans are merely for souvenir keepsake purposes and no medical checks will be performed during the scan.

It is understood that customers booking and undertaking a 3D/4D scan do so after seeking guidance from their midwife regarding the assessment of their suitability for ultrasound scans. Proceeding with a scan confirms that you are a 'low risk' and do not have any history with lower abdominal pain or bleeding. If you have had any issues with your pregnancy we advise that you do not undertake the non-medical scan at Bea Baby Scans and seek advice from your GP, midwife or nearest A&E department.