Located at our main clinic at Parkway House, Northenden, is our state of the art Endoscopy Unit.

The clinic itself is easy-accessible with a private car park to the rear of the building, ramp access points and lifts.

Our Unit is made of up a sub-waiting area, disabled and male and female toilets, private changing rooms, an admissions room, recovery room, procedure room and our decontamination room.

Our staff are highly trained and specialise in Endoscopies, in addition to working within our Endoscopy Unit they also work at local hospitals.

An endoscopy is useful if you are experiencing any of the following:

Dyspepsia, Reflux Symptoms, Barrett's Oesophagus Surveillance & Chronic Disease Surveillance, Gluten Enteropathy, Rectal Bleeding, Haemorrhoids, Anal Pain, Investigation of Anaemia, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Constipation or change in Bowel Habit.

Have you been advised you need an Endoscopy? Why not have it with us!

Frequently asked questions can be found below however if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us by our website, email or phone us on:

For your own personal medication queries, please consult your own GP.

About Endoscopy

What is an Endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of your body is examined using an instrument called an endoscope. The three main type of Endoscopies we perform are:

Gastroscopies (also know as Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy or OGD) where the scope is passed down your oesophagus to view your stomach.

Colonoscopies where the scope is passed through the bottom to view your bowels.

Sigmoidoscopies where the scope is passed through the bottom to view the lower part of your colon.

An endoscopy can be performed to investigate the following symptoms:

- Difficulty swallowing,

- Persistent abdominal pain,

- Chest pain that isn’t caused by heart-related conditions,

- Persistent nausea and vomiting,

- Unexplained weight loss,

- Vomiting blood,

- Persistent diarrhoea,

- Blood in your stools.

How long does an Endoscopy take?

The procedure itself is fairly quick with OGD’s taking approximately 20 minutes, and colonoscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies taking 30-45 minutes.

However your time in our Endoscopy unit could be up to 3 hours, this is to accommodate your admissions process, any questions you may have for the nurses or Gastroenterologist consultant, and your recovery time.

What numbing medication is available to me?

For OGD’s a local anaesthetic throat spray is given, and for most patients this is sufficient enough to allow them to tolerate the procedure.

Sedation can be administered for any patients, and for any procedure. The sedation we provide is a conscious sedation which means that you will be aware of your surrounding and will be able to perform simple tasks such as turning over. If you do choose sedation you must have another person accompanying you, who can take you home and watch over you for 24 hours.

Who performs my Endoscopy?

Your Endoscopist is a fully-trained experienced Gastroenterologist Consultant. You may select your consultant from our ‘Meet Our Doctors’ page, however all our Consultants are extremely friendly, comforting and fully represent the values we believe in here at Beacon Health Care UK.

In addition to the Consultant will be 4 fully qualified, caring, hospital-based Endoscopy nurses, and a wonderful health care assistant.

What happens during my procedure?

Dependant on the procedure you are having, you will be given some starving instructions before hand. This is so that clear views can be obtained, and to reduce the risk of vomiting if attending for an OGD. If you are attending for a colonoscopy you will have been given a prescription for a laxative for you to take before attending the clinic.

Upon arrival you will book in with our receptionist, who will direct you to our main waiting area.

One of our endoscopy nurses will arrive to take you to the Endoscopy Unit, they will admit you into our Unit, consent you for the procedure and also take readings such as blood pressure. You will also meet your Consultant and will be able to ask them any questions you have.

If you have requested sedation a cannula will be sited so that the drugs can be administered.

You will be taken to the procedure room; where the endoscope will be carefully inserted into your body. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable, you can tell or signal to one of the nurses who will be accompanying you in the room and the procedure will be immediately halted or if needed, abandoned.

After your procedure you will be taken to our recovery room, where you will be monitored, especially if you have had sedation.

Once you have recovered our Consultant will explain the findings to you, you will be given a copy of your report, and information about who to contact if you begin to feel unwell following your procedure.

We will also send a copy of your report to your specified GP.

Where will my Endoscopy take place?

Your Endoscopy will be at our clinic based in Northenden.

Parkway House,

Palatine Road,



M22 4DB

How much will my procedure cost me?

The price of your procedure may vary. A standard Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) starting price is approximately £250.00 and a Colonoscopy starting at £400.00. However, you will be provided with a full break down of costings prior to booking an appointment.

How do I book an Endoscopy?

To book an Endoscopy you first must request a referral letter from your GP, the letter will clinically explain to us your symptoms, conditions and what type of investigation is required. You can also request a copy of your medical history, if you are unable to do so we can request this on your behalf if you complete a Consent to Access of Medical Records form. After these have been obtained you can contact us via email ( ), phone ( ) or via our website to enquire about an appointment.

Your documents will be passed onto our Gastroenterologist Consultant who will triage your file, at this stage your symptoms will be assessed, as will your suitability for you to attend our clinic (some patients are clinically unsuitable for our clinic and would require a hospital setting). The Consultant or administrator on their behalf will contact you and talk you through the outcome of your triage. They will explain what type of procedure has been recommended for you, why they have chosen this and what they will hope to find from this procedure. If in the case the Consultant believes a procedure is not necessary you will also be informed of this, if you would still like to continue with the procedure you will be required to sign an additional consent form.

The total cost/breakdown of your procedure will be explained to you on the phone, and a copy will be sent to you via post or email (subject to your preference)

If at this stage, you do not want to continue with your procedure the only fee to pay would be the Consultant triaging fee of £50.00. If you are not suitable for our clinic, you do not have to pay this fee.

Once you are happy with the procedure and costings you will be offered a range of dates and times by our administration staff. If you have a specific day/requirement, please inform the staff and we will do our best to accommodate this.