Please ensure you have read the following before booking a 3d & 4d Scan

Ultrasound technology was used for medical purposes in 1956, to date there have been no clinical trials that have been able to demonstrate that it is harmful to mother or baby. We do however abide by the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable), which means we will make every reasonable effort to minimise and maintain exposures to ionizing radiation.


We only provide non-diagnostic non-medical fetal scans, and provide souvenir scans for ‘sale’ purposes only. For medical scans and advice we advise you to contact your medical health professional.

The main aim of Bea Baby Scans is to provide an opportunity for mothers, fathers and families to build a bond with their baby/babies whilst they are still in the womb. No diagnostic or medical checks are performed during the scan, this is purely a bonding experience.

Bea Baby Scans offer these ultrasound scans on the understanding that you are receiving the appropriate ante-natal care. Under no circumstance should we be a substitute for your hospital ultrasound


Our scans are performed by fully qualified sonographers, in a professional environment within a clear clinical governance and quality assurance framework. We operate to the current internationally agreed safety standards, which are issued by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS). Despite the emphasis that these scans are not for medical purposes, if the sonographer identifies any abnormality or complication we have reporting procedures in place. These scans do not replace your routine 12 weeks Down’s Screening or Dating 1st Trimester scan and 20 weeks Anomaly scan, therefore please attend these at your chosen hospital.

The price you pay is determined by the number of images, recordings or extras provided and not the length of the scan. We operate in accordance with the ALARA principle, ensuring we use the minimum ultrasound exposure time and system settings to fulfil the purpose of the scan. We always endeavour to provide you with a varied amount of images or recordings on the day however, we will not continue to scan to produce effectively duplicate images as this would contradict the ALARA principle

Your scan

From our experience the best time to perform the 3D/4D scan is when you are between 26 to 32 weeks. Before 26 weeks your baby has a minimal amount of fat under the skin therefore during the scan the bones of their face will show through. After 30-32 weeks your baby's head may go deep down in your pelvis making us unable to see their face.


In some cases the scan can be performed outside these ranges whilst still obtaining good images, however if you do wish to have a scan and you are outside our recommended range we cannot guarantee that good images will be taken as this relies entirely on your baby's position.

It is not always possible to see your baby/babies face during the scan, dependant on the way that they are lying. Clear images will be obtained when the baby is lying facing outwards, surrounded by a good pool of amniotic fluid around the features. If your baby is not in a position which will provide good views your sonographer may ask you to go for a walk.


To prepare for your scan it is best if you drink something fizzy or eat chocolate around 20 minutes before your scan as this will get the baby moving, and better images/videos may be seen.


If your baby is not in a suitable position and no images are able to be obtained during your appointment, a further appointment will be offered to you free of charge.

You will be notified early on if your baby is in a difficult to view position, and you will be asked to choose whether you would like to arrange a further appointment which may hopefully provide better views or continue with your current scan. Once you have been notified that you may not be able to see your babies’ face/features in their current position and you decide to proceed with the scan regardless, you will not be offered a free further appointment if the images produced do not reflect your expectations. This is to ensure the ALARA principle is adhered to and you/baby are not exposed to more radiation than necessary, therefore we would not want you to attend for a full session of ultrasound scanning and then attend a further session a week later.


If following your second appointment, the baby is still not in a good position the sonographer will try to take the best pictures possible. However, a further appointment will not be offered, due to the ALARA principle.

In the event that this occurs, you will not be entitled to a refund for your scan, a percentage of the price you paid or your deposit. We cannot guarantee good pictures as this is based entirely on the position of your baby which cannot be predicted or changed. Every effort will be taken to maximise your bonding experience with respect to BMUS guidelines and the ALARA principle.



All appointments can be purchased via our web page. If you are not paying for your scan in full, a 50% deposit fee is to be paid within 48 hours to secure your appointment slot, until this payment is received and we have sent you a confirmation email or text (dependant on your preference) your appointment slot may be re-advertised if your payment has not reached us in 48 hours.

We will take the remaining 50% of your payment on the day before your scan. The remaining part of your payment can be made again by card, or by cash. We will provide you with a reciept for both of these methods. Additional items can be purchased at the end of your appointment.


If you need to cancel your appointment, providing you give us 2 working days notice (Saturday is included as a working day) we will refund you 100% of your payment.

If you do not provide 2 working days notice, your deposit will not be refunded. If you have paid for your scan in full, you will be refunded the amount minus your deposit.


If you do not attend your appointment, and do not provide any notification to us that you will not be arriving, all sums of money which you have paid will not be refunded.

For any cancellations we will provide you with a confirmation email or text (dependant on your preference) notifying that we have received your cancellation, and providing a code that you can quote to us to receive your refund.

If you do not receive this confirmation text, email or refund code and we have it noted that you did not attend. You will not be entitled to any refund of your sums paid.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the company is notified when you cannot attend your booked scan and to ensure that you have received your refund code if you require your money back.


Gift Vouchers are available to be purchased, however these must be paid for in full prior to the scan taking place. Additional extras can be selected with the gift voucher however these will not be refunded on the day if the customer decides they do not want them. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can only be used once. Providing the gift voucher has not been redeemed and no appointments are scheduled, a full refund can be provided if the purchasing customer wishes to cancel the gift voucher up to 7 working days after the purchase date.

Once the gift voucher is redeemed, if the customer cancels the selected appointment without 2 working days notice, one more date can be selected. If the customer does not attend, no refund will be provided to the customer or the gift voucher recipient, the gift voucher will be void and no further appointments will be offered.  


Printable gift vouchers will be emailed to the purchasing customer, or gift vouchers can be posted to the gift card recipient for an additonal cost.



Upon your arrival at our clinic you will be given a consent form to fill in and sign. The form requests your information, your midwifes name and number, hospital which you are attending, and your other health care providers details.

We request this information in line with our reporting policies and procedures, so in the event that any issues or abnormalities are identified, we can send all our documents, images and reports directly to your health care providers.

We perform the scan on the understanding that the information that you have provided is correct, if the above information is not provided you will be required to sign a separate document. This will acknowledge your refusal to provide the above information, and that you understand that in the event of any issues identified we would not be able to share this with your GP and that you take full responsibility in sharing any advisories with your health care provider.


All information held by us complies with the Data Protection Act, and will remain strictly confidential. We will hold this information for 5 months to ensure coverage for your whole pregnancy, before it will be destroyed. If an issue is identified during your scan, your documents and the images will be retained for 10 years which is the standard retention period for medical records. This does not imply that the scan was undertaken with the purpose of being a medical record nor was it reviewed by our trained sonographer with the intent to identify issues, but we understand that these images may be useful for your designated health care provider.


Additional keepsake images can be provided up to 5 months at the price currently charged at that time, plus postage.


Included in the consent form is a waiver, this will state that with your consent we will own the images taken during your scan and this will allow us to use them on our social media pages, advertisement, or for display in our clinic room. If you decline this consent, we will not display, share or promote your images and they will be destroyed as listed above in 5 months or 10 years.


online/cash payments

Your payment details will be processed via a third party company which we host on our website. If you proceed with a payment through our site you are confirming that you agree with company name ‘s terms and conditions.


Their terms and conditions can be found here:



We do not have access to any details relating to your method of payment for the service your purchased from Bea Baby Scans. These details are not stored anywhere within our database.


Due to us not withholding your payment information, you may find that if you require a refund we may ask you to supply the details of your account you wish the money to be refunded to. We will receive confirmation of your payment with anonymised details and will only issue a refund to the account which matches the original payment account.


For any payments made in cash you will be given a receipt. It is your responsibility to withhold your receipt as without it no refunds will be given.

We may not hold change on site, so please ensure if you are making a cash payment you have the correct amount.


Card payments can also be made by our card machine on the day, for which a receipt will be given to you.


personal information

The information which we require from you, and is stored on our database by Bea Baby Scans is the following:


  • Your name and the name of the person who has booked the appointment (if different)

  • Your phone number

  • Your email address or the email address of the person who has booked the appointment (if different)

  • Your postcode

  • Your address

  • Your Date of Birth

  • Your GP Details, Midwives details and other relevant medical details

As explained above we will withhold information relating to your pregnancy and scan appointment for 5 months, if there are any issues with your scan they will be retained as the medical records retention guidance for 10 years.


We will not distribute any of your information to third parties or marketing companies.



We endeavour to provide the best experience possible for yourself, family and friends if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you have received complaints can be sent by post to:


Bea Baby Scans

Beacon Medical Services Group

Suite One

Parkway House

Palatine Road

M22 4DB



Or emailed to:



We aim to acknowledge all complaints within 72 hours of receiving them, and provide a resolution and outcome within 4 weeks however this is dependant on the length of the investigation required.

After we have presented you with our findings or outcome, if you are still dissatisfied you can further your complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman.


We welcome any constructive critism as this assists us in developing our service and achieving the best standards possible.